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Chief of Staff
The City of Sullivan, Illinois is looking for a Chief of Staff.  This position will support the Mayor and City Council in their roles by taking over their smaller responsibilities or handling other day-to-day items.  Their duties include attending meetings on the Mayor and City Council's behalf and taking notes, leading and implementing various strategic planning processes across the City and providing the Mayor and City Council with important City information to prepare them for upcoming meetings or presentations.  

Chief of Staff Duties and Responsibilities
The Chief of Staff will use strong leadership and problem-solving skills to assist with the daily operation of the City.

A Chief of Staff typically has the following responsibilities:
The Chief of Staff will take over responsibilities for the Mayor and City Council when they lack the time to complete.  They often handle the daily operation of the City of Sullivan by interacting and engaging closely with employees to identify any issues and provide valuable solutions.  

The Chief of Staff takes the information they gain from their day-to-day duties and relay any important details to the Mayor and City Council to keep them involved in the City of Sullivan's operations.  They usually handle internal and external communications with employees and City residents through speeches, reports, and newsletters.  The Chief of Staff will be in charge of implementing and managing any City-wide initiatives and programs.  They'll then communicate these decisions and efforts to the Mayor and City Council.

Communication: A chief of Staff regularly works with team members of all levels, so strongly developed written and verbal communication skills are crucial.

Trustworthy: Trustworthiness is important when working as a Chief of Staff.

Time Management:  The Chief of Staff is not only responsible for improving the efficiency of the City but managing the time of the Mayor and City Council.  They use skills in organization and planning to prioritize tasks, set meetings, and diffuse work conflict without bringing it to the attention of the Mayor and City Council.

Problem-Solving:  Whether it is conflict within the workplace or a problem with a vendor or customer, it is the role of the Chief of Staff to take the necessary steps to overcome problems the City faces.

Typically, a Chief of Staff handles more big-picture items, working with the Mayor and City Council and other leadership members in the community to make high-level City of Sullivan decisions.

The Chief of Staff collaborates with employees to handle daily tasks on the Mayor and City Council's behalf.  They would report to the Mayor and City Council to tell them the decisions they have made, projects that have been implemented, and other important City information.

An effective Chief of Staff must possess the confidence to take initiative and make decisions each day that can impact the City's daily operations.  They must have extensive knowledge of how the City functions, so it's best if they hold years of experience working in different departments within an office.  

The Chief of Staff regularly works directly with employees each day, implementing projects and delegating tasks.  This means they should have strong communication and interpersonal abilities to regularly meet with employees to understand their skills, strengths, and goals.  They regularly present on new business strategies and updates, so experience giving speeches is beneficial for a strong Chief of Staff as well.  

Electric Journeyman Lineman

The City of Sullivan, Illinois has an immediate opening for an Electric Journeyman Lineman.  The City of Sullivan is a member of the Illinois Municipal Electric Association with a fully operational generation plant and municipal distribution system.  This is a full-time position with a generous wage and benefits package including health, dental & vision coverage together with sick leave benefits and participation in the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund.  Our linemen work under a collective bargaining agreement with IBEW Local 51.  Applications should be filed online at  Written applications may be mailed or delivered to City of Sullivan, 2 West Harrison Street, Sullivan, IL 61951.  The City of Sullivan is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


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