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Title Page

Table of Contents

Chapter Titles

List of Ordinances

Appendix Table of Contents

Administration - Chapter 1

Animals - Chapter 3

Boards and Commissions - Chapter 4

Building Code - Chapter 6

Business Code - Chapter 7

Cable Television - Chapter 8

Cemetery - Chapter 9

Electric Department - Chapter 11

Fair Housing Code - Chapter 13

Flood Plain Code - Chapter 14

Freedom of Information - Chapter 15

Garbage - Chapter 16

Gas System - Chapter 17

Library - Chapter 20

Liquor - Chapter 21

Mandated Policies - Chapter 22

Mobile Housing Code - Chapter 23

Motor Vehicle Code - Chapter 24

Motor Vehicle Schedules

Nuisances - Chapter 25

Offenses - Chapter 27

Parks - Chapter 28

Public Safety - Chapter 30

Street Regulations - Chapter 33

Taxation - Chapter 36

Subdivision Code - Chapter 39

Table 5-A (Street Design Specifications)

Water and Sewer - Chapter 38

Zoning Code - Chapter 40

Zoning Code - Appendix A


Appendix Table of Contents

Application for a Residential Building Permit Appendix “A”
Building Inspection Report Appendix “B”
Footing Inspection Permit Appendix “C”
Plumbing Inspection Permit Appendix “D”
Electrical Inspection Permit Appendix “E”
Peddler's/Solicitor's License Application Appendix “F”
Raffle License Application   Appendix “G”
Application for Wiring Permit Appendix “H”
Application for Wiring Permit - Underground Electric Service Appendix “I”
License - Garbage Disposal Service Application Appendix “J”
Gas Service Agreement  Appendix “K”
Permission to Use Firm Natural Gas
Space Heating Service Application
Appendix “L”
Application for Gas Line Installation or Relocation Appendix “M”
Liquor License Application Appendix “N”
Application for Street & Alley Regulations Permit Appendix “O”
Existing Utility Service Application Appendix “R”
Work Order Appendix “S”
Zoning Violation Notice  Appendix “T”
Billing and Disconnection Policy  Appendix “U”
Contested Utility Shutoff Hearing Notice Appendix “V”
Application to Tap Water Main  Appendix “W”
Application to Tap Sewer Main Appendix “X”
Building Permit  Appendix “AA”
Private Outdoor Lighting Contract  Appendix “BB”
Permit for Fireworks Public Display Application Appendix “CC”
Site Inspection Report Appendix “DD”
Utility Release Form Appendix “EE”
Rental Property Registration Appendix “FF”
Application for Demolition Permit  Appendix “GG”
Annexation Agreement  Appendix “HH”
Temporary Wine Tasting License Application Appendix “II”
Security Lights Appendix "JJ"
Application for a Building Permit of Commercial, Industrial & Multi-Unit Structures Appendix "KK"
Rubbish Dump License Application Appendix "LL"
License Appendix "MM"