City Clerk


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Contact Information
Carrie Creek 
City Clerk 
2 W Harrison St 
Sullivan, IL 61951 
Phone: (217) 728-4383 
Fax: (217) 728-8717 
City Clerk Duties per State Statute
Per Illinois Municipal Code, the Municipal Clerk shall keep the corporate seal; shall have the custody of all ordinances, records, books and papers belonging to the City;  shall attend all meetings of the corporate authorities, including executive sessions, and keep a full record of their proceedings in the journal; and shall have other duties prescribed by the corporate authorities.

Sullivan City Clerk Duties
*  Keeper of the Records - The Clerk is responsible for keeping all records of the City.  The City of Sullivan uses Laserfiche as a digital document management system.  Some of the City's records are kept in paper format, some are kept digitally, and many are kept in both formats.  There are over 317,000 records kept in the Laserfiche system (and that number grows daily).  These records are organized in 61 main folders and 5589 subfolders.  The system is designed to make searching for documents quick and efficient.  For paper documents, different classifications of documents must be kept for different periods of time. The Clerk is responsible for tracking these paper documents and retaining them for the appropriate period of time.  The City still has books of meeting minutes back to 1869.  If you are into nostalgia, you can view the first set of minutes on file.

*  Local Election Official - The Clerk serves as the Local Election Official and handles all duties, paperwork and filings for municipal elections

*  Code of Ordinances - The Clerk must keep the Code Book up to date and must determine which ordinances are outdated, incorrectly written, or in conflict with state or federal laws

*  Ordinances & Resolutions - Many of these are researched and/or prepared by the Clerk, and some must be filed and/or recorded with the County Clerk

*  FOIA Officer - The Clerk serves as the Freedom of Information Act Officer, and must determine which records are exempt or need to be redacted before furnishing to the requestor

* Other duties handled by the City Clerk include, but are not limited to:  preparing agendas and minutes for Council meetings; keeping up with, informing the Council about, and enforcing new municipal laws; preparing and publishing legal notices; handling bidding requirements and documents; handling and coordinating annexations and zoning; tax location verifications; coordinating building inspection and permit reports; assisting the City Attorney with research and paperwork; assisting with and acting as a liaison with engineering firms; administrative support for all City departments and the City Council, including research for health insurance renewals, lawsuits, collective bargaining negotiations, updates to the employee handbook, research for software and technology, updates to policies and procedures; handling of all licenses (liquor, raffle, A frame signs, carnival, golf cart, merchandise on public streets/sidewalks, outdoor dining, peddler's, rubbish, food vendors, waste disposal), and serving as the City's Open Meetings Act Designee.